What makes Guruvayur Krishna Idol Special?

What makes Guruvayur Krishna Idol Special?

Have you ever felt awestruck seeing an idol in your South Indian neighbor’s or friend’s house? If yes, then the very next question you ask would be the shop from which they purchased the idol. Chances are that at least half of them would mention shops from Kerala, or more specifically Guruvayur Krishna idol.

The Significance of Guruvayur Temple

 Guruvayoor vigraham Krishna idol at Guruvayoor has always been available in a plethora of shops surrounding the famous Guruvayur Temple for a very long time. But, with the rise of Social media, the various idols available in Guruvayur started popping up in digital space thereby reaching a lot of people both inside and outside India. And, thus grew their popularity. Now, back to the question, what makes these idols stand out from the different statues available all over India?

Guruvayurappan, a deity considered to be Krishna in his childhood form, most of the statues created by the artists take care to include some level of cuteness in the face. This is one primary reason why the faces of the Krishna idols from Guruvayur clearly stand out from statues made in other regions. 

The Cuteness of Guruvayur Krishna Idols 

The cuteness of the face is often lauded by one and all. But, there are many manufacturers out there, and not all can achieve this level of beauty in their works. This is where curators like us are. Arte House, come in and segregate the best ones from a market crowded with statues from different manufacturers. Another important point to note is that the number of good-quality idols has also decreased with a rise in demand for these statues.  

Arte House is very well aware of the importance of finding the best Krishna statue Guruvayoor as per your needs. As we all know nowadays many  Krishna sculptures are available on markets and our staff are really taking time in order to find out the best and most beautiful  Krishna sculptures from many Krishna sculptures that are available on the market. In order to ensure the best quality, our team will only purchase idols from trusted as well as reputable producers. As the demand for Krishna statues rises rapidly it is becoming more challenging for our workers to find out high-quality idols but with our experienced workers, this problem can be solved very easily. Do visit our store in order to find out impressive and outstanding Krishna statues.

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The Evolution of Guruvayur Idols: Paper Mache, Wooden, Brass, Plaster of Paris, Fiber

During the early days, paper mache, wooden, brass, and Plaster of Paris idols were in popularity. But, then came fiber idols taking the market by storm. Adorned with stones, sequins, and original peacock feathers, these idols were so attractive that the statues looked alive. This unique combination of painting and sticking of stones along with affordable pricing made these idols instant crowd-pullers. Discover Your Perfect Guruvayur Krishna Idol and More at Our Store - 

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The Rise of Fiber Idols and the Online Availability of Krishna Statues
Fiber idols are also lightweight and waterproof giving them an edge over Paper Mache idols. In present times, Guruvayur Idols have become synonymous with Fibre idols, thus Krishna fiber statue Online availability has spiked. Despite this, Paper Mache idols have their own set of ardent lovers as the quality of painting works in these idols is way above the fiber counterparts. Guruvayur Krishna Idols crafted from fiber offer numerous advantages such as being lightweight, waterproof, durable, and easily accessible online. While paper mache idols may have a superior painting quality, fiber statues have become the preferred choice for many due to their practical benefits. 

The online availability of the Guruvayur Krishna statue has skyrocketed, making it easier for devotees to find their desired idols. Artehouse, with its wide range of handcrafted Guruvayur Krishna idols, offers the convenience of shopping from the comfort of one's home.

The Importance of Size in Guruvayur Idols

The next important aspect to consider is size. In Guruvayur, idols with heights as small as one foot to taller ones with over 4 feet height are available. This ensures that customers can purchase an idol based on the height of their shelf or Pooja Room. One point worth noting here is that the finishing and quality of the idols increase with height. 

Krishna idols in Guruvayur are available in a variety of poses. The most popular one, of course, is the classic pose in which Krishna is standing and playing the flute. Another popular pose is the Vithoppa Pose, the name of which is derived from the Vithoba Idol in Maharashtra. In this pose, Krishna stands with both his hands on hips with one hand holding the flute. Ashirwaad pose is another model where Krishna stands with one hand on his hip and another one raised to bless the viewers. Apart from this Krishna idols in the baby form are also available. Crawling baby Krishna, Baby Krishna with curd on hands, as well as Baby Krishna idol in Swing, are the common ones belonging to this category. View our Store to get more Guruvayur Krishna Idol Online.


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The Different Poses of Krishna Idols in Guruvayur
Apart from Krishna idols, the original form of Guruvayurappan Himself is also exclusively available here. In this form, Guruvayurappan stands with four arms carrying the Panchajanya (shanku or conch), the Sudarshana Chakra (chakra or disc), the Kaumodaki (gada or mace) and padma (lotus) in front of vanamala. A variation of this idol is the Ushapooja Pose, which is the form carrying curd in one hand and flute in another. This form of Guruvayurappan is decorated during the Usha Pooja ritual at Guruvayur temple. Another creative interpretation of Guruvayurappan as the lord of trees is the Maraprabhu idol based on the Terracotta Statue erected in the Sreevalsam Guest House Complex area near Guruvayur Temple. All these idols are rare to find and costly compared to Krishna Idols.

Other Idols Available in Guruvayur: Rukmini, Ayyappa, Murugan, Malliyoor Ganesha, Ganesha
In addition to Krishna Idols, other statues like Rukmini, Ayyappa, Murugan, Malliyoor Ganesha, and Ganesha idols can also be found here. Again, the stone and sequin work in these fiber idols make them unique.

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