Are Wooden Idols Worth Buying?

How many times have you stood astounded by the beauty of a wooden idol? Well, Wood-carved idols go well with interior spaces adding an extravaganza by uplifting the overall ambiance of the area. But, they are also the costliest statues you would ever come across. Why are wooden statues costly? Are they worth the hype? Let us have a brief overview of wooden statues.

Rosewood, teak, and sandalwood are the most sought-after materials for wood carving but are pretty costly. Hence prices of statues carved out of these woods would naturally be on the higher side. Idols made using these woods would stay intact for a very long period of time when correctly processed. Then comes white teak or Kumizhl, which has now become a popular material for artists to work on. Kumizhl is relatively easy to carve and long-lasting too. After proper finishing, just dusting using a brush is enough to maintain the idol properly. But, due to its light colour, any stains forming on the statue's body would easily stand out and would require re-polishing. The prices for idols made using Kumizhl wood are relatively on the lower side and is pocket- friendly. Due to these factors, most popular wooden statues like Krishna Statues are available in this wood. Statues made in cheaper woods are also available but such sculptures won't last long. Hence, if you are ignorant of the wood types, always buy from a trusted Seller. At Arte House, we always strive to provide the best and you need not worry about the product quality.

Setting the type of wood apart, the most important aspect dictating the price of an idol is its finishing, face and detailing. How many times have you searched amazon or similar websites to buy an idol with a charming face? You would have definitely noticed that Krishna idols or similar statues with appealing faces are difficult to find. An idol with a divine face can only be created by talented artists and that alone could give the entire statue an authentic feel. Talented artists have the ability to visualize and carve out even the finest details like the texture of the dress. Such statues would have the same level of detaining both in front and back of the idol. If you are looking for such an idol, you can check out our Krishna idol which has an impeccable level of detailing. Such idols take weeks of effort to make and are naturally costly.

On the other hand, by reducing the level of detailing the cost of the idol can be controlled too. Unlike other materials like resin or fibre which can be easily used for mass production using moulds, wooden statues need to be hand carved individually due to which cost reduction is not possible beyond a point. This is where technology comes in and methods like CNC cutting make possible mass production of statues. But, there is no need to explain that the quality and visual beauty of such artificially carved idols would never be on par with hand-crafted statues.

Now comes the real question. Are wooden idols worth buying? You should have got an answer by now. The sight of an artist carving magic out of a piece of log, in itself is pure bliss to watch. So, there is no need to talk about the beauty of a finished wooden idol. With the possibility of infinite customizations of any type, the ability to fine-tune finishing, and long-lasting build, wooden sculptures are definitely worth buying. Moreover, buying hand-crafted idols would also support the families of our talented Indian Artists and help in the preservation of this beautiful art. So, what do you think about wooden statues?