What are the features of Fiber Krishna Statue?

What are the features of Fiber Krishna Statue?

Fiber Krishna Statue has been quite popular since its inception. Still, people have a lot of doubts regarding this material. We personally have heard people mistaking these idols for ceramic or even plastic. Let's dive deep into some characteristics of Fiber idols that make them perfect for the home and Home Decor. 

The Advantages of Lightweight Fiber Idols

Contrary to popular belief that heavy idols are of good quality, good fiber idols generally weigh less than idols made with other materials. This is because fiber is inherently strong and requires less quantity of resin to bond. Thus, as far as fiber Krishna idols are concerned, being lightweight has nothing to do with the quality. But, some manufacturers do try to increase the weight to appease weight-conscious customers by adding fillers like stone or sand, which in turn, have a deteriorating effect on the strength of the idol. Such idols have greater chances of breakage than pure fiber idols. 

Strength and Durability of Fiber Krishna Statue
That said, now comes the next big question- Are Fiber Krishna Idols unbreakable? Well, if you have ever visited a shop selling Fiber Krishna Statue, you might have heard that these idols are unbreakable. Is it true or are the shopkeepers just bluffing to sell them? The fact is that fiber idols are the strongest when compared to statues made in other materials like Plaster of Paris, Paper Mache, or poly marble. But that doesn't mean that they are not unbreakable. Oftentimes, certain areas of the statue are separately made and joined using strong adhesives. There may also be areas where other materials are stuck to get a smooth finish. So, generally speaking, small falls won't damage the idol. In case of heavy falls or reckless handling while shipping, the idol might crack on these joints, though this scenario is extremely rare. When subjected to similar conditions, an idol made in plaster of Paris or poly marble would shatter into pieces. Hence, it can be safely said that fiber idols have superior strength than idols made with other materials. Of all the idols we ship, here at Arte House, the damage rate for Fiber idols is below 1 percent. 

Waterproof Properties of Fibre Krishna Idols
Fiber idols are also waterproof which means that they can be cleaned with plain water. So, dust can be washed off. Periodic cleaning will ensure that the idol stays intact for a long period of time. 

The Real-Life Feel of Fibre Krishna Idols
With proper finishing and coloring, fiber idols tend to impart a real-life feel. Many of our customer feedbacks reinforce that visual effect. These Handmade statues thus have superior features when compared to their counterparts and represent Indian culture. Their light weightiness, strength, and water retarding properties make them a boon for international customers who can easily carry this idol along with them. Interested to buy one? Check out our collection now!

Where to Buy Fiber Krishna Statue
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