Choosing a Trustworthy Website for Idols and Statues Online Shopping: Tips and Guidelines

Choosing a Trustworthy Website for Idols and Statues Online Shopping: Tips and Guidelines

When you hear the word e-commerce, it's only natural that names like Amazon and Flipkart come to your mind. Through clever discounting and features like Cash on Delivery, they rapidly gained the trust of Indian Households, who until then were sceptical of online transactions. Sure, they still enjoy an important chunk of online traffic with millions of products to choose from. But, there are many other e-commerce sites that are equally trustworthy and provide idols at better rates and quality. So here we are looking at how to choose a Trustworthy website for Idols and statues online shopping and the  Factors to consider when choosing a trustworthy website for religious artefacts.

Does Cash on Delivery Determine Trustworthiness of E-commerce Sites?
Let's say that while browsing the internet, you came across a captivating website filled with stunning statues. You make up your mind and proceed to checkout after selecting one idol. But, unfortunately, you find out that they do not provide Cash on Delivery. Curbing your desire to buy that enticing idol, you simply leave the website without purchasing. This situation sounds familiar, right? Does this mean that the website is fraudulent? 

Not at all. Cash on Delivery has nothing to do with the trust of the website. It was only a tool that e-commerce Giants introduced to change the sceptical minds of Indians. What if you used a COD facility and receive an entirely different item on purchase? In other words, COD is not a sign to look out for to identify a trustworthy website. So, back to the big question. How to identify Trustworthy websites?

Identifying Trustworthy Websites: A Guide for Online Shoppers
To start with, check how the website feels. A well-built eye-catchy website would be the work of some passionate visionaries. The basic psychology here is that if they have taken such ardent care in building such a beautiful website, then their product quality would naturally be in line with it. At Arte House, we have a meticulously designed website with attention given to even minute elements. 

Customer Reviews: A Key Element in Identifying Trustworthy Websites
Next, check the review provided under the products. Read both negative and positive reviews alike. Pay special attention to the negative comments and understand what customers are saying about the website and the product. Check whether the images uploaded by reviewers are the same as the product images. This is because some companies have a bad reputation for sending entirely different items or colour variations upon placing the order. Arte House, the best place for Statues Online Shopping prevents this by sharing live pics of the product with the customers before packing. If all seems okay proceed to the next step. 

The Power of Google Maps in Identifying Trustworthy Companies
Head over to google and do a quick search about the company. Check when the statues online shopping company was incorporated by going to the about us section. Look at the feedback customers gave to the company on Google maps. For example, we, Arte House has over 400 genuine reviews on Google and over 5 years of experience.

Arte House: A Trustworthy Website for High-Quality Idols and Statues
After you are convinced of them go one step ahead and chat or call their customer care number and check whether they reply to your queries. Now after following these steps head over to checkout and ensure that the website uses a secure payment gateway. At Arte House, we use reputed payment gateways like Instamojo and Razorpay, which have numerous security protocols for secure transactions. 

And that's it! Once you receive the product don’t forget to share a product review or company feedback since this helps other customers like you to choose the brand and its products. 


Why Arte House is the Best Choice for Your Idol and Statues Online Shopping

In conclusion, while e-commerce like Amazon and Flipkart continue to dominate the online shopping space, there are many other trustworthy idols and statues online shopping e-commerce sites that provide better quality. It's important to note that the availability of Cash on Delivery does not necessarily determine the trustworthiness of a website. To identify a trustworthy website, online shoppers should check the website design, read customer reviews, and do a quick search about the company. At Arte House, we prioritize our customer's satisfaction and have built our reputation through years of trustworthy service. We hope this guide helps you make informed decisions when shopping for idols and statues online. Happy Shopping!