Some common Doubts people have about Fibre Krishna Idols from Guruvayur

Some common Doubts people have about Fibre Krishna Idols from Guruvayur

Fibre Krishna Idols are a hot favorite among most customers. But we do get some repeated queries regarding these statues from new customers who are not aware of fiber idols. Let us discuss a few:

Are Fibre idols waterproof and long-lasting?

Yes! Fibre idols are waterproof. In fact, it is recommended to clean the idol periodically using a wet cloth to prevent dust accumulation. Once this is done, the idol would last for a long period of time. Also, unlike POP or Papermache idols, fiber idols don't wither away with time. Good quality enamel paints are used for coloring the idols. The paint is also waterproof and has a good shelf life. The stones and sequins stuck to the body might loosen while cleaning. But if any stones come out, they can be easily stuck back using Fevicol, Fevibond, or a similar Adhesive

Is it good to keep a Krishna idol with flute at home?

First of all, let us be very clear that we won’t delve into the mythological or spiritual aspects of this question. India, being a land of varied diversity, culture, and beliefs, there have always been multiple interpretations for such questions. For example, a report in Indiatv news states that it is highly auspicious to keep Krishna with a flute inside your home. In sharp contrast to this, you
personally might have seen homes with Krishna idols devoid of flute.
So, if you ask us, everything depends on your personal belief. If your family believes that a Krishna idol playing flute is not auspicious, opt for an idol with a different pose or simply remove the flute from the idol. If you believe the opposite, go on to welcome an idol playing the flute.This is exactly why all our Krishna Idols in the classic flute-playing pose come with a detachable
flute. But, if you wish to keep an entirely different pose, we have various options for that too.

You can choose from Vithoba Pose (both hands on Hips) or the Blessing pose.
Does the idol come with ornaments and original peacock feathers?
All the ornament designs are stuck to the body. Hence, the idol would be exactly as shown in the live pics shared with you on ordering. Peacock feathers used in these idols are also original and would be accompanied by the idol.

Are Big idols suitable for home?

Of course! You can select Krishna idols based on the space of your Pooja Room or Living Room depending on where you are intending to place the idol. Bigger idols elevate the overall ambiance of the space due to its beauty.

Can Fibre Krishna Idols be kept Outdoors?

Dust is the main villain to look out for if you intend to keep this idol in the outdoor garden. In such cases, it's recommended not to remove the outer protective cover on the idol. Place the idol in shade and ensure that exposure to water or rain is prevented.

These idols are lightweight. Is this breakable?

Fiber idols are made using FRP and Resin. Bonding between these two elements imparts a rigid strength to these idols making them almost unbreakable. These materials are inherently lightweight and do not affect the strength of the idol in any way. Fibre idols are stronger than most common materials used for making statues like paper mache and POP and won't break on small falls.
We have addressed some frequent queries we get from our customers. If you still have doubts, visit our article stating features of Fibre Krishna idols to get a detailed overview of the same.