What are the available types of Kerala-style Wall Hangings?

What are the available types of Kerala-style Wall Hangings

Be it home, office, or commercial spaces, wall hangings are a must-have to enhance the overall ambiance of the area. A wide variety of modern and traditional wall decors in a variety of materials like metal and even cloth is presently available in the market. Let's talk about some Kerala Themed wall hangings for your living spaces:

Kathakali Mask Wall Hangings

Kathakali is one of the oldest art forms in India. The unique costumes and makeup for Kathakali are quite intriguing and the concoction of colors is a bliss to watch. This very essence is captured in Kathakali Face Wall Hangings. It's available in different materials like wood, Metal, Papermache, Fibre, and even in form of Wall Stickers. Among these, fiber and paper mache wall hangings have a slight edge over the others due to their realistic finish. Fibre wall hangings also make use of golden paper, sequins, and stones to increase attraction. If you are looking for Fibre Kathakali Wall Hanging Decor, then you can head over to our website. We have masks in 3 sizes- 30 cm, 39 cm, and 65 cm to suit different spaces.


Nettipattams are an integral part of Malayalees due to the fact that a Pooram is incomplete without elephants wearing Elephant caparisons and Thedembu. Miniature replicas of Nettipattam are common in all Malayalee Households all over the world. These elephant caparisons are made by sticking fiber sequins (golums) on golden backgrounded cloth surrounded by woolen threads in different colors. Each element in the nettipattam has cultural and mythological importance. Nettipattams are available in a variety of sizes. Starting from small ones for hanging on cars, it can be made in any size. Due to this customers can select a suitable size to fill their walls. At Arte House, we have Nettipattams starting from 1 foot in size which goes all the way up to 5 feet. We also feature a unique nettipattam with thedembu attached to it.

Bamboo Mat Paintings

Painting on bamboo mats was used in olden times to decorate walls. Even until this time, its significance has not decreased. Raja Ravi Varma paintings, Kathakali, Guruvayur Kesavan, Bharatanatyam, etc are common themes depicted in these mats. But the sad truth is that talented craftsmen making beautiful Painted bamboo mats have become obsolete. The quality of painting on bamboo mats presently available in the market is nothing compared to the works our ancestors did.

Elephant head

It's no secret that elephants and Poorams are a craze among Keralites. Hence Elephant decors are also widely popular here. Wooden elephant head with nettipattam and Pooram attire is the most popular one in this category. The elephant head is available in wood and fiber. Fibre Elephant heads are realistic in all the painting works. The price for these heads with superior finishing is usually high.


Kerala Mural paintings have been practiced for ages and point to the rich artistic history of Kerala. Mythological events are depicted primarily using 5 colors in Kerala Mural wall paintings. Framed prints of these paintings are available in the market for those who cannot afford this in their home