7 God Idols Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

7 God Idols Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

The God Idols have been an integral part of our Hindu culture for centuries, and their importance only seems to grow with time. As we know, more and more people of the generation are moving towards devotion to God; they are fond of collecting God's idols for their place of worship.

They are not only considered objects of worship but are a symbol of faith, devotion, and spirituality. The collection of God Idols adds beauty to your home, creating serenity and calmness in your atmosphere. For example, people collect the ayyappa idol, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, etc., placing them in their temples and worshipping them day and night.

People find it peaceful to worship the idols of God as it gives them strength and the power to fight off the difficulties in their lives. T1his blog explores the seven different God idols everyone should place in their temples for peace and positivity in their environment.

Here are the seven idols for your collection

1. Guruvayurappan Idol:

Guruvayurappan is the form of Lord Krishna worshipped in the famous Guruvayur temple in Kerala. Lord Krishna is the God of protection, tenderness, love, and compassion. God is glorified in every household because he can give you peace and positivity during difficult times. Other than this, the presence of the guruvayurappan idol is encouraging as it brings happiness and positivity to the household.

2. Murugan Idol:

The Lord Murugan idol is Kartikey, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Murugan is identified as the God of war, victory, and Wisdom. If you are in a situation where you see yourself losing your strength and the courage to fight things over, then worshipping Lord Murugan is the right choice for you. Lord Murugan is a symbol of courage, determination, and the success you find after fighting off all the difficulties in your life.

3. Sri Krishna Idols:

Sri Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and one of the most beloved gods in Hindu mythology. Lord Krishna is known for his playful and enchanting nature, captivating the hearts of millions of devotees over the ages. Devotees take him as their brother, who is always there to support them and stand against the bad things in their life. Sri Krishna idols come in various forms - as a baby Krishna (Bal Gopal), as Radha-Krishna, or as the majestic form of Lord Krishna playing the flute (Murlidhar). To enlighten yourself and signify love and devotion, buy Sri Krishna idols online for your collection.

4. Ganesh Idol:

Lord Ganesh is known as the Vinayak or Ganesha, and he removes obstacles. He is the God of Wisdom and intellect. Buy Ganesh idol online and add an idol to your collection as he is considered auspicious and believed to bring good luck, success, and prosperity. Lord Ganesh is worshipped on the biggest festival of the Hindu calendar - Deepavali. Ganesh idols come in various forms, such as the dancing Ganesh (Nritya Ganapati) or the sitting Ganesh (Siddhi Vinayak).

5. Ayyappa Idol:

Lord Ayyappa idol is a popular deity worshipped in South India. Lord Ayyappa is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in his Mohini form. He is associated with celibacy, self-discipline, and devotion. An Ayyappa idol in your collection is believed to bring spiritual growth, discipline, and protection.

6. Hanuman Ji Idol:

Lord Hanuman idols is the most worshipped and loved God around the world. The Lord is associated with strength, devotion, and loyalty towards Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman holds a lot of power and courage to fight off evil without thinking of the consequences. You can achieve a lot in your life with his will to fight every difficulty. Lord Hanuman Ji symbolizes courage, determination, and protection from evil.

7. Lord Shiva Idol:

Lord Shiva is the creator, destruction, and transformation of the universe. He is known as "Mahadeva" and is the most worshipped deity in Hinduism. One must have a Lord Shiva idol in their temple to find peace, meditation, and spiritual awakening in his presence. Lord Shiva idols come in various forms, such as the Nataraja or the peaceful and serene form of Lord Shiva meditating (Dhyanalinga).


Building a collection of god idols can be a meaningful and enriching experience. These sacred representations serve as beautiful decorative pieces and symbolize different aspects of spirituality, protection, and guidance. Arte House has a collection of Hindu God idols for you to add to your temples. The collection of kathakali showpieces, idols, wall pieces, etc., is for home decoration and to surround yourself with positivity and a strengthening atmosphere.