Balaji Idol in Polymarble

Check out our amazing Balaji Idol made from a mix of polyresin and marble powder! Covered in shiny gold, this idol is super detailed, and you can really see all the cool little details in it. It's perfect for putting in your living room or using as a fancy decoration on your table or showcase. This Balaji Idol is part of our special "Gold Series" of idols. So, why wait? Grab this  idol now and bring some divine vibes home!

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Please check the dimensions before buying.


Length - 9.5 cm
Width - 3 cm 
Height - 14 cm

Around 150 gm

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Dust is the main villain to look out for. Ensure periodic cleaning using a wet or dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation. Use a small cleaning brush to remove dust particles.