Why Every Home Needs a Kerala Brass Uruli: Exploring the Cultural Significance of Brass Uruli

Have you ever wondered how your home decor reflects your personality and culture? The elements you choose to display in your house and pooja room say a lot about your style and traditional background. In Kerala, there's a special item called a Kerala Brass Uruli. It's more than just a pretty bowl.

Traditionally used in Kerala homes, these magnificent  brass bowls are now popping up in modern homes around the world. But why? Because a Kerala Brass Uruli is more than just decoration, it's a piece of history, a symbol of Kerala culture, and even a useful tool!

This blog will dive into the cool story of the Kerala Brass Uruli and why it deserves a spot in your home, no matter your cultural background.

Historical Significance

The Kerala Brass Uruli is like a super old-school pot from Kerala, with a deep history! Back in the day, everyone in Kerala used Urulis in their kitchens for cooking big meals, especially for parties and celebrations.

Made from super strong brass, Urulis cooked food evenly and lasted for long time - perfect for slow-cooking delicious dishes. But these days, Urulis are more than just pots. They're like mini works of art, showing off the amazing skills of Kerala's craftspeople and the cool traditions of the region.

Kerala brass uruli for pooja room

Cultural Importance

Symbol of Prosperity and Wealth

In Kerala, Brass Urulis are more than just pretty pots for cooking! They're actually seen as lucky charms. People in Kerala like to fill Urulis with water, add some pretty flowers or floating candles, and then put them by the front door during festivals and special days. Manjady and Kunnikuru seeds are also used as fillers because legend says that Lord Guruvayurappan liked manjady seeds. It's like a good luck ritual, bringing positive vibes and fortune to the home.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Kerala Brass Uruli isn't just a pot; it's a total looker! This shiny gold beauty, with its smooth curves, adds a touch of fancy to any room. Stick it in your living room, garden, or even by the front door - the Uruli brings a classic, Indian-style elegance wherever it goes. Fill it with manjadi seeds and place a Krishna or Guruvayurappan idol in the middle- you will be stunned by the aesthetic beauty it imparts to your space. It's like having a tiny piece of amazing Indian craftsmanship right in your home!

Kerala brass uruli home decor

Cooking and Serving

Brass urulis have been traditionally used for cooking. They heat food evenly and don't mess with the taste, making it perfect for traditional dishes. But beware! Decorative urulis and brass urulis suitable for cooking are different. Do not make a mistake by purchasing a brass uruli intended for decoration and use it for cooking. 

Floral Arrangements

Kerala Brass Urulis aren't all about cooking anymore! These days, a super popular way to use them is for flower arrangements. Just fill the Uruli with water, add some pretty floating flowers, and bam - you've got a gorgeous centerpiece! They're especially popular during holidays in India like Onam and Diwali, adding a festive touch and a bit of class to any home.

Kerala brass uruli decor

Floating Candles

Ever thought of using a Kerala Brass Uruli for candles? Here's a cool idea: fill it with water, add some floating candles, and watch the magic happen! The warm glow of the candles bouncing off the brass creates a stunning, mesmerizing effect. It's a perfect way to set the mood for a special occasion or a romantic night in - just imagine the ambiance!

How to Incorporate a Brass Uruli in Your Home

Entryway Decor

Wanna give your guests a warm welcome right at the door? Here's a cool trick: fill a Kerala Brass Uruli with water and some pretty flowers. It doesn't just look stunning, but it also sets a positive and inviting vibe for your whole home. It's like a little "welcome" sign that says "come on in and relax!"

Living Room Centerpiece

Need a show-stopping centerpiece for your living room? Look no further than the Kerala Brass Uruli! Fill it with colorful flowers, floating candles, or leave it bare - this beauty will grab everyone's attention. It's guaranteed to spark conversations and become a real focal point in your home! Or fill it with Manjady seeds and place an idol in the centre! 

Garden Accent

The Kerala Brass Uruli isn't just for inside! Take it outside and add a touch of class to your garden. Put it amongst your plants for a pop of shine, or fill it with water and turn it into a fancy birdbath for the local feathered friends. The Uruli's shiny surface and natural good looks will instantly upgrade your garden's whole vibe.

Prayer Room Essential

Kerala Brass Urulis aren't just for looks! They're also considered pretty special in some cultures. In prayer rooms, people like to use Urulis because they add a calming, peaceful feeling to the space. Fill one with water during your prayers or meditation, and let the Uruli's beauty help you focus on your inner self.

Choosing the Right Brass Uruli

So, you want a Kerala Brass Uruli for your home? Awesome! Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking one out:


Kerala Brass Urulis come in all shapes and sizes! There are tiny ones for decoration and giant ones for cooking. Think about what you want to use it for and how much space you have, then pick the perfect size Uruli for your home.  We, at Arte House, have Urulis starting from 3 inches diameter. We also have collection of Urulis along with manjady seeds needed to fill them.


Some Urulis have awesome patterns and pictures on them that tell the story of Kerala's culture. Look for handcrafted ones, because those usually have the most interesting details and designs. 


Make sure your Kerala Brass Uruli is made of the good stuff! A high-quality Uruli will be a bright, shiny gold color and feel smooth to the touch.


The Kerala Brass Uruli is more than just a pretty bowl! It's a cool piece of history and culture from Kerala, India. These traditional pots come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used for cooking, holding flowers, or even as a birdbath for your feathered friends!

Here's the best part: Kerala Brass Urulis aren't just beautiful, they're also believed to bring good vibes and luck to your home. Plus, they come in all sorts of amazing designs that tell the story of Kerala's rich past.

Want to add a touch of tradition, elegance, and maybe even a little good luck to your home? Look no further than a Kerala Brass Uruli! Check out ArteHouse's collection and find the perfect Uruli to brighten up your space