A Guide to Creating a Stunning Vishukani Display

A Guide to Creating a Stunning Vishukani Display

Ever wondered about that gorgeous setup people do during Vishu? It's called Vishukani, and it's a big deal in Kerala. Let's dive into how you can make your Vishukani super awesome and bring in all the good vibes for the New Year.

What is vishukani?

     Vishukani means "first sight on Vishu morning." It's basically a cool arrangement of lucky stuff that's supposed to launch your year with positivity.and the promise of a fresh start. Vishukani isn't just a display; it's an age-old practice weaving together spirituality and optimism, ensuring your journey through the upcoming year begins on a truly positive note.

What You Should Gather?

Divine Idol
     Choose an idol of Lord Krishna, to be the main focus of your Vishukani. All the arrangements are done around the idol. You can purchase beautiful krishna idols from our store.

Yellow Blossoms
     Don't forget vibrant yellow flowers, especially Kannikonna! These cheerful blossoms are believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the new year.

Mirror or valkkannadi
     Place a small mirror or valkkannadi somewhere on your display. The mirror is like a window of glance into the future, reflecting all the good things to come in the new year! You can find valkkannadi in various styles. You can find valkannadi used in Vishukani from Arte house Vishu decor section.

Freshness of nature
     Bring the freshness of nature to your vishukani display! Add some colorful fruits and vegetables.  Inclusion of a cucumber is a lucky charm in Kerala, symbolizing prosperity for the year ahead.

Grains of Good Fortune
     Rice is a key part of the vishukani display! It represents a hope for a year with prosperity. Just like a bountiful harvest. You can spread out uncooked rice on the platform, or get creative and shape it into a cone or a special measuring cup to symbolise plenty.

Thiru Udayada
     Thiru udayads are a must-have for all Vishu Celebrations. Arte House offers a fantastic selection of Thiru udayada collections! These beautiful traditional cloths can be used as a backdrop for your vishukani display, adding a touch of Kerala culture and making your Vishukani truly special.

Shine a Light
     Place a Nilavilakku next to your Vishukani display. This lamp symbolizes good energy and chases away negativity. It's a simple way to add a touch of tradition and light up your celebration!

     Making your Vishukani display is not just about arranging things, it's about fun and good vibes!  Add your own special touch to show your dreams and hopes for the year ahead.  Remember, it's a celebration of Kerala's rich culture!  May your Vishukani fill your home with light and happiness, and bring you good luck all year long!

     Arte House offers everything you need for a vibrant and meaningful vishukani.  We have something for everyone.  Shop our Vishu Kani collection today and welcome the new year in style!